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According to the Humane Society only an estimated 27% of U.S. pet owners who have wills include provisions for their pets.

Most people do not consider their pets when they are creating their Estate Planning documents. They make sure the people they care about are taken care of, but often leave their pets in limbo; assuming someone will care for them.

Without the proper provisions within your will or trust, your loving companion may end up in a shelter.

Don’t Let This Happen to Your Pet!

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A Pet Trust can be a separate document on its own, or it can be part of a larger Trust Agreement.

Usually, when we work with clients to create their custom estate planning documents, we’ll discuss their entire estate and decide holistically if a pet trust should be included within a larger trust agreement or if the pet trust would be better as its own document.

We recommend that our clients set aside a sum of money for the support of their pets. They then direct their Trustee, via their pet trust, to secure someone to care for their pets for the remainder of the lifetime of the pet(s). The Trustee then monitors the pet(s) care and pays for their food, veterinary bills, etc., from the funds in the Pet Trust.

Why You Need a Pet Trust in Michigan

Owning a pet is big responsibility. That responsibility does not disappear when you pass away. Providing for your pet(s) via a Pet Trust makes it easier to find someone to take custody of them, provide food for them, and provide the care you would want for your pets. This ensures that your pets don’t end up in a shelter or be mistreated by an unwilling relative.

How our Experienced Will & Trust Attorneys Help

We’ll first listen to how you want your estate planned out. We’ll go over all of your assets with you, how you want these assets to be distributed, and help you look for opportunities to save money while maximizing your gifts to your loved ones.

Over the course of this discussion, we’ll go over our best recommendations to ensure that your estate is properly handled and that your wishes are followed to the letter.

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We’ve drafted countless wills and trusts, several of which have had pet provisions, for Michigan residents over the past 30 years. Because of this experience, we can help your loved ones get the most out of your gifts and avoid unnecessary costs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Trusts in Michigan

Do I need a Will or pet trust for my pet(s)?

If you live in Michigan, and you die without a Will (intestate) or pet trust, the State of Michigan decides what happens to your property and who will handle your affairs. This person may, or may not, be a family member. The intestate statute distributes your assets according to a strict formula. This also means that they may or may not do what you believe would be best for you pet(s).

How long does a pet trust usually take to draft?

It depends on your specific case, if we’re just making an update to your current will or trust with a provision for your pet, it could take 1 – 3 days.

If we are creating a completely new will and trust for you, it could take 5 – 7 days because of all the extra forms that we include in our clients’ wills and trust packages.


How much does just a pet trust cost?

Again, it depends on your specific case and the complexity of the matter. However, if you don’t have a will or trust, we do not charge for the pet provision if we are creating a new will or trust for you.


Where is your law office located?

Our law office is located in downtown Redford Township Michigan, just north of I-96 off of the Beech Daly exit or just west of Telegraph road.

Walk-ins are always welcome during business hours, but it is best to call us ahead of time to set up an appointment to guarantee our expert will and trust attorneys can help you when you arrive.

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